Breakfast Doodles - Donovan Scherer

Breakfast Doodles

By Donovan Scherer

  • Release Date: 2015-11-07
  • Genre: Humor


Good morning! 

Breakfast Doodles are the daily drawings of Donovan Scherer, author and illustrator of the Fear & Sunshine series and more. Created as a reason to get out of bed and make some art before heading off to the day job, this morning routine has quickly become a horrible addiction of our dear artist, leading to strange creatures and cats with workplace depression. Join him as reality spirals out of control in this first collection of artwork and stories. 

This work is originally published daily online but collected here for convenience and because he thinks it would be cool to say he publishes a book every month. And since you ought to know just what you're getting into, here's your Breakfast Doodle Menu: 
Monday - Monsters 
Tuesday - The Art of Fear & Sunshine 
Wednesday - Childhood Adventures 
Thursday - The Rise of the Deadish 
Friday - Free for All 
Saturday - Workin' Cats 
Sunday - Adventure Quest Land 

Hope you like it!