Aegean Portraits - WE, Publications

Aegean Portraits

By WE, Publications

  • Release Date: 2016-01-01
  • Genre: Europe


Hidden within the myths, guarded deep within the imperious rocks, the traditions, folk art, culture and music that composes the melodies of the islands that promises to take you on a journey through the Aegean, to its people and the grandness of simplicity.

Through reading them, the spiritual and emotional world of the Greek people emerges, their attachment to the values of family, companionship, friendship, religion, as well as their love for nature, which appears as an integral part of their existence.

87 colour pages with 84 photographs from aegean sea, 15 select recipes, 61 folktales, humorous anecdotes, sayings, riddles, proverbs etc. and 34 original musical compositions.

In this version you can download free digital book, “Mediterranean Cuisine” with 41 select recipes.