A Woman's Guide to Perfection - Alix Nichols

A Woman's Guide to Perfection

By Alix Nichols

  • Release Date: 2017-07-27
  • Genre: Humor


A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO PERFECTION has been described by its celebrity authors, Ines de Treize and Katherine de Neuf, as a “fountain of wisdom”. 

This shockingly cynical lifestyle primer breaks down its advice into 14 actionable Guidelines, including: 

- The Perfect Woman always wears silk lingerie...

- The Perfect Woman knows how to manage her boss...

- The Perfect Woman lives in Paris...

- The Perfect Woman never tells her current lover about all the previous ones...

- The Perfect Woman is strategic in the choice of her pet...

Red flags, bullet points, vaguely relevant illustrations and a bonus excerpt from  a romantic comedy by Alix Nichols, AMANDA’S GUIDE TO LOVE, complete this "how-to" parody.

Disclaimer: A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO PERFECTION may or may not make you perfect. But it will make you chuckle.

If you enjoy funny and relatable observations, and don’t mind a morally questionable tip or three, then this little book is for you. 

Download it now and get started right away!