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  • Well done!

    By Caallvin
    My measure for a really fantastic book is whether I’m so involved with the characters and the tension is so high that I have to bookmark where I’m at so I can skip forward to read the last chapter. This one... I did the bookmark but resisted flipping to the last chapter. I finished it in a day. Not a page-burner at first, but it built steadily and by 3/4 of the way through, I couldn’t put it down.
  • Great Read

    By Edissy
    So, the Bosch - Ballard saga begins. I'm confident we'll all enjoy this "partnership" for years to come! I ran into Titus recently in an LA health food store. It was so fun and interesting to meet and chat with him. I hope the powers to be decide to include Ballard in the Bosch TV series. I'd like to "meet" her someday too!
  • Dark Sacred Night

    By retired5-0
    I’m a huge Bosch fan. I’ve read every book, but I found this latest wanting. The beauty of Bosch is the complexity of his character. In this book it was lost. It appears that in the attempt to also give us Rene Ballard the depth of both characters was sacrificed. I also felt that the story arcs were too convenient. The case was not interesting. Any Jeopardy was forced and not fully realized. When I read a Bosch book I can’t put it down. That was not the case this time. I hopeful for the next one.
  • Yet another great book

    By Terrog1
    As the Bosch series is starting to run its course Michael Connelly has found the perfect way for it to continue in Ballard, by combining the new and the old he has created a masterpiece and a great way to eventually make Ballard the star of the show. How Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series merged with Jack Jr., Ballard is the new face of the franchise.
  • Great Team

    By JHDVM
    I love Harry Bosch!
  • Narration Is bust

    By reads14
    Titus Welliver does a female voice A LOT better than the female narrator does a male voice. HORRIBLE! I quit after an hour.
  • Dark Sacred Night

    By RINative
    Michael Connelly is a brilliant writer and I have read all his books over the past twenty years. Inevitably, I am always saddened as I near the end of each book because I so enjoy his skill and his superb storytelling ability.This book however is different… It appears if Connelly is moving away from Bosch in print and is now more interested in his Amazon Prime Bosch series. And that’s all right! He has given so much pleasure to so many of us for so many years and now as he reaches his mid 60s let’s all give him a break and reflect on his brilliance, his insightful efforts and let him know that whatever he chooses to do going forward is fine! I for one, honor his creativity, his diligence and his years of giving us all extraordinary pleasure.
  • Dark Scared Night

    By rogerrusty
    Not his best. Disappointing
  • Dark Sacred Night

    By Seawich
    Mediocre-a tedious, disappointing read. Don’t waste your money! This is probably the least interesting book Connelly has written in his career.

    By jgbeaumont
    Definitely, in my estimation, one of Connelly’s best books and I’ve read them all. Multi-layered, well thought out , gripping and for once emotional. There’s a sadness to Bosch in this one that’s palpable and heartfelt. Neither Bosch nor Rene Ballard feel like cut and paste cookie cutter characters. I feel like I’ve met Ballard in Venice once or twice.