Outrageous Office Dares - Suzie Duncan

Outrageous Office Dares

By Suzie Duncan

  • Release Date: 2011-10-01
  • Genre: Humor


"A perfect piece of pocket-sized fun for any office worker and an ideal gift for mischievous colleagues

If you've stopped finding the ""hide the pencils"" routine funny, or just need some inspiration for staving off office boredom, these dares are guaranteed to have you gasping with delight and cackling in anticipation. Brilliant ideas include arriving at work in your dressing gown, holding a bowl of cornflakes; booking a male stripper for the office on Friday afternoon; creating a mini aquarium in the water cooler; and communicating with everyone through the medium of dance for the day. With 400 outrageous dares to help release your inner delinquent and challenge your nerve to the limit, the question is: do you dare to play?"