Japanese Home Cooking-Easy Healthy 30Recipes- - JLU Publishing

Japanese Home Cooking-Easy Healthy 30Recipes-

By JLU Publishing

  • Release Date: 2013-06-01
  • Genre: Regional & Ethnic


Japanese Home Cooking-30 Easy Healthy Recipes- is recipe book introducing well-known Japanese home cooking recipes, and most of them use ingredients and seasonings which can purchase at any grocery stores in the world.

30 Recipes in the book

1.Potato Salad
2.Bacon-wrapped vegetables
3.Spinach with sesame dressing
4.Macaroni Salad
5.Grilled eggplant

Beef Pork Chicken
6.Green peppers stuffed with meat
7.KARAAGE(Fried chicken)
8.Ginger pork
9.Japanese croquettes
10.TERIYAKI Chicken
11.OYAKODON(a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs)
12.Beef wrapped vegetables
13.Japanese hamburger
14.GYUDON(Beef bowl)

Fish Seafood
15.EBIFURAI(Fried Prawns)
16.Grilled fish with DAIKON OROSHI
17.TERIYAKI fish

18.HIYAYAKKO(cold tofu)
19.Tofu hamburger
20.NIKUDOFU(Simmered beef and tofu)

21.OMURAISU(Rice omelet)
23.Sushi rice
24.TEMAKI SUSHI(Hand-rolled Sushi)
25.ONIGIRI(Rice ball)
26.SANSHOKU GOHAN(Tricolor bowl)
27.TORIZOUSUI(Chicken soupy rice)

28.Neapolitan Spaghetti
29.Mushroom, butter soy sauce pasta

30.TAMAGOYAKI(Rolled egg)